Practice firm Top Ten

Decasarre SAS at the Top Ten in International Commerce

Con un total de 1096 transacciones comerciales, 144 empresas simuladas SEFED han realizado exportaciones e importaciones en la red Europen Pen-International durante el año 2019.

With a total of 1096 commercial transactions, 144 virtual companies have made exports and imports through the Europen Pen-International network during the year 2019.

Se han realizado operaciones con 19 países diferentes, principalmente con USA, Bélgica, Suiza, Alemania y Francia.

Operations have been carried out with 19 different countries, mainly with the USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and France.

Estamos muy orgullosos de que Decasarre SAS , que acaba de comenzar a internacionalizar sus operaciones, ya esté en el TOP TEN. Seguiremos trabajando duro y tratando de incrementar nuestras operaciones internacionales.

We are very proud that Decasarre SAS, which has just begun to internationalize its operations, is already at the TOP TEN. We will keep the hard work to increase our international commerce.

Source: Fundación Inform

Published by Decasarre SAS

We are a practice enterprise created back in 2009, located in Valladolid. We belong to the Europen International Network. We manufacture and sell cheeses and other productos from Castilla y Leon

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